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How to access Telegram with a VPN in restricted countries

Step 1: Get Lantern

Download Lantern, a VPN designed specifically to unblock apps like Telegram in regions where access is restricted.

Step 2: Open and connect

Launch the Lantern app and turn on the VPN with a single click. Lantern will securely connect you to the unrestricted internet.

Step 3: Enjoy Telegram

Once Lantern is connected, simply open Telegram on your device and enjoy unrestricted access to the app.

Why is Telegram inaccessible in some countries?

Telegram is renowned for its emphasis on user privacy and security, making it a preferred encrypted messaging app. Nevertheless, accessing Telegram can be challenging for some due to various restrictions. Certain countries may restrict Telegram, citing its encryption capabilities and the potential misuse of the app for illicit activities or spreading false information. These governments might see Telegram as a threat to their control over communication channels and the flow of information. Additionally, networks in educational or professional settings might limit access to Telegram to save bandwidth, boost productivity, or adhere to organizational policies. Such restrictions can be problematic for those who depend on Telegram for secure communication with friends, family, or colleagues.

Lantern provides a straightforward and dependable solution to navigate these obstacles and access Telegram from any location worldwide. By establishing a secure connection through Lantern's encrypted network, you can circumvent any censorship or blocks enforced by your government or network administrator. With Lantern, you can fully utilize Telegram's features, including end-to-end encrypted messaging, voice and video calls, and participation in public or private groups and channels, all while preserving your privacy and without facing any restrictions.

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