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What is a VPN, and where do they fall short?

At its core, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a tool for safeguarding your online privacy. It creates a secure, encrypted pathway for your internet activity, keeping it hidden from unwanted observers. People use VPNs for a variety of reasons. These include enhanced security on public Wi-Fi, better privacy by hiding your location, and accessing geo-restricted content.

Traditional VPNs struggle to give you consistent access to blocked websites and apps.

While VPNs offer some benefits, they have limitations. Traditional VPNs are easy to detect, making it straightforward for network monitors to block them. They also rely on a limited set of IP addresses that service providers or governments can easily restrict. As a result, traditional VPNs struggle to give you consistent access to blocked websites and apps.

Goodbye internet restrictions

How is Lantern different?

Lantern is more than a VPN.  It's designed to overcome the toughest internet restrictions, surpassing the capabilities of traditional VPNs. Thanks to continuous innovation and close collaboration with leading academic technologists, Lantern ensures you can access any online content with ease.


Uninterrupted connectivity

Lantern's extensive network, with over 50,000 IP addresses, far exceeds other services. We shuffle your IP address regularly to ensure your connection is always secure and uninterrupted, giving you reliable access at all times.


Blend in with stealth Protocols

Lantern's rigorously tested, evolving set of open-source protocols blend in with regular internet traffic. This keeps your VPN usage discreet and effective, ensuring you stay unblocked and undetected.


Unrivaled Performance

Lantern outperforms other VPNs in the face of tough network restrictions. We're constantly evolving to ensure you get fast, reliable, and secure access to the unrestricted internet.

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Easy One-Click Connection

Connect effortlessly with one click, designed for simplicity and ease of use—no technical knowledge or complex setup needed.


Customizable Split tunneling

Customize your experience by choosing which apps use Lantern's service, or let us automatically choose which apps to unblock for you.


Enhanced Security with Trusted IPs

Lantern sources premium IPs from trusted providers, ensuring your safety, and maintaining the integrity of your connection.


Superior Speed with Innovative Protocols

Lantern’s advanced protocols cut through congestion to deliver faster connection speeds than traditional VPNs.


No Logs

Your privacy is our priority. Lantern's no-log policy means we don't collect data that could be used to identify you.

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