Open Internet For All

Fast, reliable, and secure access to the open internet.

Why Use Lantern?


Fast, Easy & Free:

With one click to connect and no configuration needed, Lantern begins working immediately after downloading, offering uninterrupted and free access to the open internet.


Reliable & Trusted:

Over the past decade, Lantern has become one of the most trusted and effective internet censorship circumvention tools on the planet. With over 150 million downloads worldwide, Lantern uses a wide range of protocols to bypass censorship and provide access to blocked websites and apps.


Secure & Safe:

Lantern has a strict no-log policy and does not collect or store IP addresses, browsing history, or personally identifying information (such as purchase logs). When subpoenaed by the FBI, we responded that we do not process any user information regarding proxy IPs.



(Better than a) VPN

Most VPNs are easily detected and blocked by censors. Lantern's sophisticated technology continuously circumvents firewalls, automatically selecting the best methods to keep blocked sites and apps accessible, even during the most sensitive global events.



Discover provides a censorship-resistant, privacy-protected public content archive, offering an easy way to find and share censored or potentially censored content. All Lantern users can anonymously and securely upload videos and content for the world to see. Discover uses peer-to-peer technology to keep content accessible even when governments cut international internet links.


What people are saying about Lantern

  • Perfect, I use it daily to get WhatsApp calls behind a restrictive firewall. I love it!

    Lantern User from Google Play

  • Extraordinary, Awesome! The best free VPN app! Really high speed, no interruption, no ads even in the free version! Thanks Lantern!

    Lantern User from Google Play

  • It's really very easy to connect, especially for us with a slow network, it's speedy, fast, and does not interfere with the phone's performance!!!!! Thanks to all it's developers.

    Lantern User from Google Play

  • The fastest connection I've ever seen! In Russia it is now very difficult to find a working VPN, lots of them are being banned by the government every day. But Lantern works perfectly and connects less than a second. Love it <3

    Lantern User from the App Store

  • The perfect VPN - you press a button, and everything flies freely. So fast that I keep forgetting it's on at all, even in games; perfect choice! Perfect & easy VPN, best choice!!!

    Lantern User from Google Play

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