Next generation VPN

Lantern Features

Fast and unrestricted access to your favorite sites and apps.

Navigate the toughest restrictions with ease

Lantern gives you the freedom to explore the internet without boundaries, even in the most challenging environments. Our features ensure access to content and services that would otherwise be inaccessible.



Lantern automatically connects you to the fastest servers, bypassing restrictions instantly, and ensuring you can access the content you need without delay.


Easy to Use

Lantern is designed for simplicity, allowing you to connect effortlessly with just one click, no technical knowledge or complex setup required.


Stealth Protocols

Lantern's rigorously tested, evolving set of open-source protocols blend in with regular internet traffic, keeping your connection unblocked and undetected.

Unblock popular Sites and apps

Access Your Favorite Content

Whether it's streaming platforms, social media, or news sites, Lantern unlocks a world of content. Here are just a few of the popular sites and apps our users enjoy with Lantern

+ Many more


Unlimited Bandwidth

Enjoy unrestricted data usage with Lantern Pro for seamless browsing and streaming.

Split Tunneling

Select which apps use Lantern's service, or let us automatically route blocked or restricted apps for you.

Trusted IP’s

Lantern sources premium IPs from trusted cloud providers, ensuring your safety, and maintaining the integrity of your connection.

Enhanced Security

Lantern automatically directs you to the safest version of websites (HTTPS) to ensure your data is always protected.

3 devices

With Lantern Pro, you can secure and access content on up to three devices simultaneously.

IP Shuffler

With over 50,000 IP addresses, Lantern continually refreshes your connection for secure and reliable access.

Get Access to Anything from Anywhere

Discover why over 150 million people rely on Lantern

Who is Lantern?

Who is Lantern?


Open-Source Codebase

Lantern commits to openness and accountability by making our code open source, allowing anyone to audit.


No Logs

Your privacy is our priority. Lantern's no-log policy means we don't collect data that could be used to identify you.


Hybrid Non-Profit Structure

Our unique business model balances our global vision for unrestricted access with the practical needs of a growing network.


Constant Security Audits

Traditional VPNs perform one-off audits, but Lantern faces constant scrutiny. Regular audits are an integral part of our development process.